Black Rock Depths 9/16/19


So we’ve been trying to run this dungeon for over a month now and today was a day of reckoning.

After completing the Ring of Law and Roccor, our merry band of Slayers decided to host a party for Bael’Gar. Of course he didn’t know there would be no after party.

He didn’t drop the legs we were after but Dellamorte got a gucci belt.

General Angerforge

Next we moved on to General Angerforge. This guy was literally a push over. We killed him without using any CD’s. What a chump.

Look at his 3 little cronies on the ground next to him. So sad.

Golem Lord Argelmach

This guy was a bit tougher. He had a bunch of lame gnomes guarding him when we walked into his crib. But seriously, what was he thinking? We messed up his Golem Guardians and laid the smack down on him. Shamanyu was already eating his dinner before we looted the body.

Why would anyone want to pick a fight with this guy? He’s not Mooooovin for anyone.

Bar Fight

This might have been the most ridiculous encounter I’ve had in my time playing WoW. You break all the beer barrels in a bar within a dwarven city and man do they get PISSED. Lucky for them they weren’t gnomes so we went easy on’em. Ribbly Screwspigot? Who dat???

Phalanx was slightly tougher but c’mon my man…you have all your regular bar clientel backing you up. At least try and put up a fight my mans. Sad.

Plugger Spazzring really thought he was hot shit. He had some pretty cool spells and became super small as he tried to evade my blades. Unfortunately for him we are Gnome Slayin 24/7, and while this guy is a goblin, he looked a lot like a gnome. So in the end he had to die.


This was especially satisfying because this dude was a total phony.

Ambassador Flameclash

This guy had a crap load of HP and would have been pretty difficult if we were all level 45. He spawns a bunch of level 30 flamebois to come to his aid. After pressing attacking and going AFK I came back to find him dead. This was the best the Emp had to offer? Scrub city.


Seven Dwarves

We had trouble with this guys in the past so we had to show them who was boss. They had the advantage early on but we were able to outlast them thanks to how weak their last couple of guys were. Casters as the anchor to a boss event? Really??? Sauron is cursing himself for giving these guys the 7 rings. What a bunch of lame-o’s.

We killed the dude for smelting. Oh well, we’ll be back.


I wish one of the guys from Men in Black could erase my memory after this rage inducing affair. At least we got to feel like we were in Moria…until Balin’s friends hugged Della to death.


This was the most uneventful fight of the night. Nothing to see here move on. This guy sucks. Megamilky could have solo’d him.

Emperor Dagran Thaurissan


We had to fight this guy’s entire senate in order to have a shot at him. After fighting our way here we had expected the Emp to be the boss with the sauce. He was a hard hitter so we turned it up to 11.

You almost feel sorry for the princess who ran in to fight along side of him. They had no answer for our squad. He kept screaming about how insignificant we were but to no avail. Now we sit his throne.

There’s a new king in town.