Phil 1


First Exam Study Guide:

Exam 1 Review (Plato, Boethius, Descartes)

Second Exam Study Guide:

Exam 2 Review (Hobbes, Marx, Foucault)

Final Exam Study Guide:

Final Exam Review (Knowledge: Propositional, Moral, Artistic)


First Half Reading List:

Plato – The Apology (Phil 1 Selection)

Boethius – Boethius Selections

Descartes – Descartes Discourse on Method

Descartes – Descartes – Meditations 1 and 2

Marx –MarxEngels Manifesto

Foucault – Foucault – Panopticon Selection

Lugones – Lugones World Traveling

Bell Hooks – Paris is Burning

Jaewon Cho – Response to Hooks


Predicate Logic

  1. Predicate Logic Intro – PL1



Propositional Empirical Knowledge (Propositional Knowledge)

Gettier –

Notes on PEK: knowledge

Moral Knowledge (What is the right action? How do I determine what the best action is?)

Aristotle: Nicomachaen Ethics

Aristotle Notes: aristotle


Mill: Utilitarianism

Kant: Categorical Imperative

Rawls: A theory of justice

Martha Nussbaum: Art as a training in virtue


Philosophy of Art


Tolstoy – What is Art

Bell – Significant Form