Phil 20 Reading List

Sample Essays:

These essays each earned the grade of “A” in previous Phil 20 courses. (Student names have been removed):

Death Penalty


Euthanasia 2

Military Conscription

Course Readings:

Judith Thomson – Thomson – The trolley problem

Plato –

INSERT – MLK – Letter_Birmingham_Jail_Highlighted

Aristotle – Nicomachaen Ethics

JS Mill – Utilitarianism

Immanuel Kant – Categorical Imperative

John Rawls – A Theory of Justice

Elizabeth Anderson –Intro to Pluralism

Bell Hooks – Is Paris Burning?

Cho – Bell Hooks Critique

Marilyn Frye – Oppression

Judith Butler – butler_performative_acts

Maria Lugones – World Traveling

Peter Singer – Famine, Affluence, and Morality

John Hospers – Libertarianism

Bedau – Bedau Death Penalty

Thompson – A Defense of Abortion

Marry Anne Warren – The Problem With Abortion

Sidney Callahan – Feminism and Abortion

Plato – Republic Book 2 – Censorship

Kieran – Art and Pornography

NY Times OP ED – Can There Be Good Porn?

Nussbaum – Form and Content: Philosophy and Literature

Singer – Animal Liberation

Ayer – Language, Truth, Logic (Pages 66-77 ONLY)

Plato – Symposium

Nietzsche – Beyond Good and Evil CHAPTER 1 ONLY

Nietzsche – Thus Spake Zarathustra PROLOGUE ONLY




Judith Jarvis Thompson


Animal Rights

Plato Censorship