Summer Super Quiz Study Guide

Plato – The Apology


  1. Who is Socrates? What is he accused of?
  2. What is Sophistry?
  3. Who tells Socrates he is the wisest man in Athens? What does Socrates do about this?
  4. Who is Meletus?
  5. According to Socrates what is the key component of Wisdom?


Plato – Crito


  1. Who is Crito? What is his initial argument for why Socrates should accept his help?
  2. What is Crito’s argument style? What is Socrates’? Which does Plato claim is better?
  3. What is a Tacit Agreement?
  4. Why does Socrates think it is wrong to break his Tacit Agreement with the state of Athens?





  1. What are the two powers of the will?
  2. How does God intend for our will to function?
  3. What flaw in the Devil’s will made God cast him down?
  4. Do we have free will according to Anselm?
  5. Why would God give us free will if he could foresee that we would do bad actions?




  1. How does a person become virtuous, according to Aristotle?
  2. What does it mean to “hit the golden mean”?
  3. Why is the golden mean different for each person?
  4. What is Telos?
  5. What role does happiness play for Aristotle?
  6. Why can’t children be virtuous?
  7. What does Aristotle mean when he says that happiness is a “function according to some rational principle”?
  8. What is the “Rational principle”?