Phil 1 Winter



Winter Session Reading, Quiz, Test, and Journal Schedule

Phil 1 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


Start: Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

End: Thursday, February 2nd

 Past Quizzes:






Week 1

Class 1 January 3rd

Introduction to Philosophy and terminology.

Writing Philosophy and Philosophy Journals.

Plato: The Apology (Phil 1 Selection)

Reading Notes: theapology-1


Class 2 January 4th

Quiz #1  – Craig Chapter 1 and Plato’s Apology

Craig: Chapter 1 (The three quests)

Reading notes: Chap 1 Reading notes

Craig: Chapter 2 (quest: What should I do?)

START Plato: Crito 


Class 3 January 5th

FINISH Plato: Crito

Aristotle: Nicomachaen Ethics

Reading Notes: aristotle

Group Discussion – Boethius: Boethius Selections


Week 2

Class 4 January 10th

Anselm: De Casu Diaboli – Reader – Chapters 4 and 9 ONLY (You can read the entire thing, but its long!)

Anselm Slides: Anselm

Quiz #2 – Crito. Aristotle. Boethius. Anselm

Journals Due

Craig: Chapter 3 (quest: How do I know?)

Hume Slides: Hume

Reading Notes: knowledge


Class 5 January 11th

Craig: Chapter 6 (Start at page 62)

Craig: Chapter 7 (Pages 74-80 Only)

Descartes – Descartes Discourse on Method

Reading Notes: DescartesMeditation


Class 6 January 12th

Descartes – Descartes – Meditations 1 and 2

Reading Notes: DescartesMeditation

Quiz #3 – Craig Chapter 3. Descartes.

Craig: Chapter 4 (quest: What am I?)


Week 3

Class 7 January 17th

Journals Due

Strawson: StrawsonAgainstNarrativity (SPECIFICALLY Sections 3 and 4)

Lugones: Lugones World Traveling

Reading Notes: lugones

Lectures: Lugones (1)


Class 8 January 18th

Test #1

Film: Paris is Burning

Paris is Burning Paper Assigned


Class 9 January 19th

Bell Hooks: BellHooks

Jaewon Cho: short-film-critique-bell-hooks

Cho Lecture/Presentation Notes: Jaewon Choe – On Bell Hooks and Paris is Burning

Craig: Chapter 7 (Pages 81-86 Only)


Week 4

Class 10 January 24th

Journals Due

Quiz #4 – Karl Marx

Karl Marx: MarxEngels Manifesto

Foucault: Foucault – Panopticon Selection

Reading Notes: marx1-1


Class 11 January 25th

Mill – Utilitarianism

Kant – KantExcerpt

Reading Notes: millutility


Class 12 January 26th

Quiz #5 – Mill, Kant, Anderson

Elizabeth Anderson – Liz Anderson – Intro to Pluralism

Essay Writing Workshop and Peer Review for Paris is Burning Assignment


Week 5

Class 13 January 31st

Review: Bullough – Psychical Distance

Quiz #6 – Hume

Tolstoy – What is Art

Hume – Of the Standard of Standard of Taste


Class 14 February 1st

Paris is Burning Paper Due

Final Exam @ 10am